Thursday, October 8, 2009

Project Retrospective

This project, for me personally, has been somewhat of a whirlwind.

For the first few weeks of the project our team would meet and discuss our urban farming narrative without any real idea of what the parameters of the project were. We knew that we were creating this narrative for Studio Next to use as a marketing tool for their project, but for sometime we were all clueless as to what their actual deliverable was. Was it a do it yourself urban farming kit? Was it a packet of information? This made it hard for me to decide what direction I hoped our project would go in. I didn't know what audience to target because I didn't know what we were marketing, and because I had no target audience, I couldn't decide what would be the most appropriate form of narrative to use.

Eventually we were told that our project wasn't so tightly bound to Studio Next due to time constraints, which made it easier for me to realize the direction I wanted to take because I wasn't so worried about having it match up with their vision. However, by this point in time there were a number of half formed ideas in our group, but no general consensus of which one we liked the most.

It wasn't until just a few days ago that we finally got together to realize our actual project plan, which was stressful for me because I am somewhat Type A. However, I now feel comfortable knowing that we have a distinctive plan of action and know what our final project is going to look like.

Overall, I liked the idea of this project, but being that this was the first time it had been tried as a teaching method, I feel like there were definitely a few kinks that need to be ironed out for next time. Namely, I felt a definite need for a clearer picture of what Studio Next was producing, and how closely we needed to align our project with theirs.

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