Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alright, thought of a way to expand the vegetable idea, even if no one else is interested in pursuing it. So, after the vegetables (I'm thinking a beefed up carrot can be our protagonist) beat the junk food in basketball, the carrot would drop from the basketball hoop (which he has been hanging onto) down, through the court, through the ground, deep into the earth by spinning like a drill. Once he's down there he would perform an intimidating rap with gruff, bass vocals. This is what I have for the rap so far.

Deep in the ground is where I grow
and don't you know that's where I throw it
In the name of you and me, for the best of the community
Everyday I'm growin stronger
In the soil, with my brothers
If you can't accept the fact
that the garden's where it's at
Why don't you get up out my face! and I'll find another place
Where the people know the truth, that I can nourish all the youth

Be ya fat be ya skinny be ya rollin up them phillies
If you try livin with - out me
you gon end up in emergency
So check yo street! Check yo ground!
If it's bloomin you be proud
Tend yo garden make it work
Grow them plants in the earth
Till that soil like a fiend
If you wanna see that green
Pickin veggies in the sun
is satisfaction number one

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Very funny

Monday, September 28, 2009

To be honest, I'm not quite sure what would happen in my aggressive vegetable fantasy after the vegetables trounce the candy bars and doughnuts. However, I think we can all agree that obscenely muscled vegetables are what children want and it is our duty to incorporate this trend into our advertising. Every day I hear the angelic voices of the children crying out for more angry vegetables to show them the way; how can I ignore this?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My idea.

Hey guys. After having lots of lofty ideas about what we could potentially do with this urban farming project, I realized that I think our best bet is to create a video about the proposed green centers. I mean, we originally set out with this project to find a way to bolster/ properly market the ideas of Studio Next, and I know that we were given the option to either stick with that theme, or go off on our on idea, but after looking at the information we were given it almost seems silly to me to not use this firm base that they have started as a jumping off point.

Okay, that being said, here is my proposal. We create a video about the green centers, but its goal will be to educate all of the different circle groups on the chart we were given, about the green centers.

In the video, we should use the chart as a model for forming our narrative, which could go something like this:
First it starts with an idea. The idea then goes to the government. The government builds these centers with support from the circle groups (school, community etc). After the centers are built the circle groups educate people about these centers (with use of this video), and these people, turn into the many groups listed on the chart, who will be the ones giving back to all of the larger groups that helped form the project.

So you see, it is like the circle of life, (hakuna matata).

If all of that was a little confusing to you, take for example the first flash video you saw on the girl effect website. In that video it narrated for you the simple process of making a poor girls life better. That is kind of what I have in mind.

Let me know what you think.

Friday 9/25 Team Agenda & Notes.

1. Discussion of how new Studio Next information changes our plans.
-Do we try to work our plan in with the idea they have of green centers?
-How can we work it in?
-HOME WORK: Go home and post your notes/thoughts/final fleshed out idea of what you think our final project could be, either in relation to Studio Next's project or not. Just make sure you consider the narrative, and post all of this by MONDAY, to be discussed in group on Tuesday meeting.

Tuesday 9/22 Team Agenda & Notes.

1. Any project ideas you've though of since last meeting.
-School program where school starts a garden with its children, they maintain it as an actual class, then eat the veggies in their school lunch/ give to the community. But how can this be narrative?
-Video or story book of strong anthropomorphic vegetables kicking the butts of junk food. But how can we tie this in with urban farming?

2. Rep from Studio Next returned early, and answered questions from last meeting.
-Studio next project is NOT A KIT.
-It is a packet, but that is all they know.
-Still no solid ideas how to relate to studio next.

3. Discussion of what group members should be doing outside of class for project.
-Brainstorm your own ideas, who you want to target, what your narrative will be like.
-Post it to the blog!

Friday 9/18 Team Meeting Agenda, and Notes.

1. Discuss notes from reps visit to Studio Next.
-The group was talking about who to interview for their project.
-Target possibilities = keep tradition alive ( focus on people who are already participating in urban farming)?
-Studio Next seemed disorganized.

2. Discuss overall team objective (scope of project) / Brainstorming!

-Create a compelling narrative (not just poster or picture) for target audience.
-Who is our target audience?
-?children's parents, ?children
-Create children's book narrative w/ danger/ excitement (and anthropomorphic veggies)
-Create video for target audience.
-Maybe video can be introducing after school program w/ urban farming?
-Want to make kids self-sufficient.

3. Discussion of group time line and due dates.
-Start a blog to be group note book.
-Discuss our actual deliverables for this project.
-Project DUE 13th & 16th.

4.Questions for next rep to take to Studio Next.

-Is this for a community or a house?
-Is it free?
-What is it comprised of? Is it a physical kit or a document?
-How will it be dispensed?
-Who is the target audience for project?
-Do we want celebrities?

Friday, September 25, 2009

If We Plant It, They Will Come

Hey all! I think our idea of working with elementary level children as the focus of our project is perfect; kids are easily motivated and enthusiastic, and they love to share what they're involved in with friends and family. This brings back a memory of a really fun project I did in elementary school: Each student was given an egg carton and some pumpkin seeds, and we planted one seed in each little section of the egg carton. (Looking back on it... I realize that we each planted so many because some are bound to be duds (seeds... not kids) and the teacher didn't want any screaming crying children on her hands when "Susie's pumpkins are growing but mine aren't!!!!") We took care of them during class for a few weeks, and when they got to be too big for their containers, which didn't take long, we were encouraged to plant them at home, which I did. Growing up, we always had, and still have, a vegetable garden, so they fit right in. I think something similar to this could really get kids interested in growing their own plants. It's fun to take care of something and watch it grow --- Like a real-life tamagotchi. Anyone remember those things? Yes, so Let me know what everyone thinks about this idea. It's cheap, fun, and gives the kids something to put in their garden right away.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This looks like the ideal target audience right here. Now it's only a matter of getting inside their heads so we can trick them into gardening. We need to dress like them, talk like them, eat like them, walk like them. This is going to be a lot of work. Maybe one of us should just be in charge of following a little kid from the neighborhood around taking notes on their habits. That smile on the girls face looks kind of forced, I wonder if she is really enjoying the program.