Saturday, September 26, 2009

My idea.

Hey guys. After having lots of lofty ideas about what we could potentially do with this urban farming project, I realized that I think our best bet is to create a video about the proposed green centers. I mean, we originally set out with this project to find a way to bolster/ properly market the ideas of Studio Next, and I know that we were given the option to either stick with that theme, or go off on our on idea, but after looking at the information we were given it almost seems silly to me to not use this firm base that they have started as a jumping off point.

Okay, that being said, here is my proposal. We create a video about the green centers, but its goal will be to educate all of the different circle groups on the chart we were given, about the green centers.

In the video, we should use the chart as a model for forming our narrative, which could go something like this:
First it starts with an idea. The idea then goes to the government. The government builds these centers with support from the circle groups (school, community etc). After the centers are built the circle groups educate people about these centers (with use of this video), and these people, turn into the many groups listed on the chart, who will be the ones giving back to all of the larger groups that helped form the project.

So you see, it is like the circle of life, (hakuna matata).

If all of that was a little confusing to you, take for example the first flash video you saw on the girl effect website. In that video it narrated for you the simple process of making a poor girls life better. That is kind of what I have in mind.

Let me know what you think.

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