Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday 9/18 Team Meeting Agenda, and Notes.

1. Discuss notes from reps visit to Studio Next.
-The group was talking about who to interview for their project.
-Target possibilities = keep tradition alive ( focus on people who are already participating in urban farming)?
-Studio Next seemed disorganized.

2. Discuss overall team objective (scope of project) / Brainstorming!

-Create a compelling narrative (not just poster or picture) for target audience.
-Who is our target audience?
-?children's parents, ?children
-Create children's book narrative w/ danger/ excitement (and anthropomorphic veggies)
-Create video for target audience.
-Maybe video can be introducing after school program w/ urban farming?
-Want to make kids self-sufficient.

3. Discussion of group time line and due dates.
-Start a blog to be group note book.
-Discuss our actual deliverables for this project.
-Project DUE 13th & 16th.

4.Questions for next rep to take to Studio Next.

-Is this for a community or a house?
-Is it free?
-What is it comprised of? Is it a physical kit or a document?
-How will it be dispensed?
-Who is the target audience for project?
-Do we want celebrities?

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