Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alright, thought of a way to expand the vegetable idea, even if no one else is interested in pursuing it. So, after the vegetables (I'm thinking a beefed up carrot can be our protagonist) beat the junk food in basketball, the carrot would drop from the basketball hoop (which he has been hanging onto) down, through the court, through the ground, deep into the earth by spinning like a drill. Once he's down there he would perform an intimidating rap with gruff, bass vocals. This is what I have for the rap so far.

Deep in the ground is where I grow
and don't you know that's where I throw it
In the name of you and me, for the best of the community
Everyday I'm growin stronger
In the soil, with my brothers
If you can't accept the fact
that the garden's where it's at
Why don't you get up out my face! and I'll find another place
Where the people know the truth, that I can nourish all the youth

Be ya fat be ya skinny be ya rollin up them phillies
If you try livin with - out me
you gon end up in emergency
So check yo street! Check yo ground!
If it's bloomin you be proud
Tend yo garden make it work
Grow them plants in the earth
Till that soil like a fiend
If you wanna see that green
Pickin veggies in the sun
is satisfaction number one

1 comment:

  1. Okay so your flow is tight, but are the kids going to be scared by the angry carrot? I know if I found an aggressive talking carrot I would probably run away.

    Seriously though. I think a good way to have your vegetable dreams answered, is to make a story board for this video, and also another one that is a little bit more serious that can be focused on a larger audience. Two narratives = better than one = better grade.