Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tuesday 9/22 Team Agenda & Notes.

1. Any project ideas you've though of since last meeting.
-School program where school starts a garden with its children, they maintain it as an actual class, then eat the veggies in their school lunch/ give to the community. But how can this be narrative?
-Video or story book of strong anthropomorphic vegetables kicking the butts of junk food. But how can we tie this in with urban farming?

2. Rep from Studio Next returned early, and answered questions from last meeting.
-Studio next project is NOT A KIT.
-It is a packet, but that is all they know.
-Still no solid ideas how to relate to studio next.

3. Discussion of what group members should be doing outside of class for project.
-Brainstorm your own ideas, who you want to target, what your narrative will be like.
-Post it to the blog!

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