Friday, September 25, 2009

If We Plant It, They Will Come

Hey all! I think our idea of working with elementary level children as the focus of our project is perfect; kids are easily motivated and enthusiastic, and they love to share what they're involved in with friends and family. This brings back a memory of a really fun project I did in elementary school: Each student was given an egg carton and some pumpkin seeds, and we planted one seed in each little section of the egg carton. (Looking back on it... I realize that we each planted so many because some are bound to be duds (seeds... not kids) and the teacher didn't want any screaming crying children on her hands when "Susie's pumpkins are growing but mine aren't!!!!") We took care of them during class for a few weeks, and when they got to be too big for their containers, which didn't take long, we were encouraged to plant them at home, which I did. Growing up, we always had, and still have, a vegetable garden, so they fit right in. I think something similar to this could really get kids interested in growing their own plants. It's fun to take care of something and watch it grow --- Like a real-life tamagotchi. Anyone remember those things? Yes, so Let me know what everyone thinks about this idea. It's cheap, fun, and gives the kids something to put in their garden right away.

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