Friday, October 9, 2009


Hey everyone Mike and I had a conversation with Sherry today because we were kind of worried that our narrative was falling a little flat. We talked to her about what we could do to make it more intersting, and she said that we should try to incorporate all of the ideas, especially angry anthropomorphic vegetables. "Campy-ness sells to many different audiences, especially kids" I think is kind of how she put it. So, I know we are supposed to be filming on tuesday, but I think we need to switch things up a bit. Here is what I am thinking:

The first shot that was originally the boy walking by the empty lot and throwing trash in it should now be the boy walking by the garden and throwing trash in it. To his surprise, out pops a really pissed off carrot! (Note: she said that even just puting a sign on somone that says 'CARROT' will work fine.)

Carrot does his rap about how this littering dude is totally whack for not respecting vegetables, and then, just for added effect, he punches the guy in the faces and tells him to smarten up.

Now the kid is walking into class a little dazed and confused, wondering what the hell just happened to him. Lucky for him today is the day that his teacher is telling his class about urban farming!

Cut to our charecter sitting in class listening to the teacher "wa wa wa wa wa" (think peanuts) and he is having this intense inner monologue about the error of his ways, and how maybe if he were to respect gardening and vegetables more, he would eventually end up tough like that carrot.

Now school is over, and we see our guy walking past an empty lot with trash blowing through it. Cut to a single tear running down his cheek - but wait- he has a thought! Maybe he can turn this lot into an urban farm!

Now we go to timelaps and see him running around. cleanign things up- star wipe to him standing infront of a completed garden looking much more muscly and tough than before. Again, in walks the carrot and tells him his work isn't half bad or something like that, then they share a moment smiling at eachother which is broken by the carrot slapping him on the back, dude looks jarred, but its okay. This was a friendly slap.

Then at the end, just to wrap it up, over music and video of them wandering around the garden smelling flowers and maybe eating vegetables, there is text that something like... "Respect mother nature, or she pop you." or whatever.

Okay please tell me what you think. Add in stuff that you think will help to make it funny (maybe like clip of the guy going to eat a carrot and the angry carrot looking at him crossly.) You get the idea! We can totally make this happen but I just want to make sure we are all on the same page.

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  1. I am with you on this one, homegirl!! Let's do it!